Samstag, Februar 23, 2019

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

[DE] Hier findet ihr alle Bilder, die ich unter einer Creative Commons Lizenz veröffentlicht habe. Der Text auf diesen Seiten ist auf Englisch, da an den Bildern oft internationales Interesse besteht

[EN] You can find all the images I put under Creative Commons License here.
It would be nice if you let me know when you’re using these images. Either via mail to or on twitter @Mu11ana
An image being under non-commercial license does not mean it can’t be used for commercial purposes at all. If you happen to have a small blog that recieves some dollars in add money and want to use it for a post, just go ahead! When in doubt or you definitely want to use it for commercial purposes, just send me an email! I’m sure we can figure out an adequate share or license fee.

Creative Commons License
NetNeutrality by Lisa „Mullana“ Schmidt or just „Mullana“ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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